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  • Simple, Strong, Unique Design
  • Suitable for all Lofts
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home
  • Designed to promote airflow to reduce condensation
  • Local Manx Company - Sole Reseller/Distributor
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Call for a quote - 07624 287219

Store Floor Render

Loft Boarding IOM Ltd is a local Manx Company working with LoftZone to promote this innovative solution. Our products will save you money, help the environment, increase safety and provide extra storage in the increasingly crowded houses we all live in.

LoftZone StoreFloor creates a lightweight but incredibly strong system of raised beams that supports a safe deck above your insulation. It's the easiest way to create safe access to equipment in your loft, or simply to generate storage space while keeping your loft insulated to regulations.

Better still it will ensure your insulation in your loft space is working properly to reduce your energy bills and increase your comfort levels, only 26% of the independent survey completed by The Carbon Trust knew that squashing insulation is far worse than not having insulation at all.

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Loftboarding IOM Ltd is a local Manx Company who are the sole reseller/distributors of the award winning LoftZone StoreFloor on the Isle of Man.

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